Popular insults

How to swear, insult, cuss and curse in Jamaican - Patois!

Jamaican - Patois Language Swearing & English Translation.
Jamaican Creole (Patois) English Translation
Babylon, babylon bwoy Contemptuous term for police, similar to pig
Battery To run a train on, to gangbang
Batty Ass
Battybwoy, battyman Faggot
Battyfish, fish Faggot, someone who participates in anal sex
Battyhole Anus, asshole
Battywash Rimjob
Bleachaz, bleaching monkey, bleachface, bleachout face Girl who bleaches her skin
Bloodclaat Tampon, sanitary napkin (lit. blood cloth), strong general expletive
Bowkyat, bowcat, bowaz Someone who gives oral sex
Bright Rude
Buddy Dick
Bugga, buggaman Faggot, gay, sissy, someone who participates in anal sex (lit. bugger)
Buggery Anal sex
Bumbo Ass, strong general expletive
Bumboclaat Used toilet tissue, strong general expletive
But a wha di rass What the fuck
Buttu Low-class person
Bwoy Boy, offensive in certain contexts
Cemetery, walking cemetery, cemetery inna bell Girl who has an abortion
Chi chi, chi chi man Faggot, gay, sissy (less strong form of battyman)
Chiney Someone of Asian descent
Cho! Expression of vexation
Claat Expletive
Cocky Penis
Cokehead Crackhead
Coolie Someone of East Indian descent
Dutty Dirty
Dutty gyal Dirty bitch
Druggist Drug dealer
Eediat Idiot
Eh-em Euphemism for pussy
Facety Sassy, rude (lit. feisty)
Fassy, fassyhole Epithet of strong dislike
Force-ripe Jailbait, precocious girl
Fowl pill Chicken hormones scrawny girls take to fatten up
Frass Stoned, wasted
Fuckery Fucked-up, bullshit
Fyah fi yu Burn in hell (lit. fire for you)
Ganja Marijuana
Green-arm Someone with bad B.O.
Guh labbajuice yu gyal Go suck your girls pussy
Guh milk yu granny Go milk your grandmother
Gun inna baggy A girl with gonorrhea (lit. gonorrhea in panties)
Gwey Fuck off (lit. go away)
Gyal Girl, similar to bitch in certain contexts
Handicap Retard, gimp
Him a play numba 2 He's a faggot
Hood Dick (lit. wood)
Infant-killa Pedophile, someone who fucks underage girls
Jinnal Liar, trickster, conman
Licky-licky Someone who gives oral sex
Loosaz Slut, loose woman
Maaga Scrawny (lit. meagre)
Maama man Faggot, sissy (lit. mama's boy)
Mampy, mampy crab Fat bitch
Matey Woman on the side, loose woman
Mowly Smelly, stinking (lit. mouldy)
Nassy Nasty
Naygah Someone of African descent
Neegle-eye Tight pussy (lit. needle-eye)
Nuh ramp wid mi Don't fuck with me (ramp = romp)
Nyammy-nyammy, nyamma Someone who gives cunnilingus (nyam = eat)
Pum-pum Pussy
Punaany Pussy
Pussyclaat Tampon, sanitary napkin (lit. pussy cloth), strong general expletive
Pussyhole Vaginal opening, epithet of strong dislike
Pussy tongue Clitoris
Rahtid Mild expletive
Rass Ass, general expletive
Rassclaat Used toilet tissue, strong general expletive
Renk Stinking, rude (lit. rank)
Rent-a-dread Fake Rastafarian male whore with dreadlocks
Sickhead Madman, lunatic, retard
Sketel, sketel-bomb, sketz, skud-missile Slut
Slam Fuck
Sodomite Dyke
Sowah Used to describe bad B.O. (lit. sour)
Suck yu madda Go suck your mother
Tekka Young effeminate gay male (lit. taker)
Ukkubit Tight pussy (lit. little bit)
Wanga gut, wanga belly Greedy person, fat person
Weedhead Stoner
Yu face fava shit Your face resembles shit
Zmugly Extra fucking ugly
Brown dog Euphemism for bloodclaat
Blouse an skirt Euphemism for bloodclaat
Blow wow Euphemism for bloodclaat
Blurtnawt, blurtneet Euphemism for bloodclaat
Bombawt Euphemism for bloodclaat/bumboclaat
Pongonawt Euphemism for bumboclaat (lit. pomegranate fruit)
Bongopushdigrasskyaat Euphemism for bumbopussyrassclaat (lit. Bongo, push the grasscart)
Bumborasspussyholeclaat Longest Jamaican swear
A wad di rass clot yuh a chat bout ? What the fuck are you talkin about?
Chich A gay person
Boom Dogg A promiscuous woman
Blurnaut Another word for bloodclot
Sodomite Gay person
Dutty Gyal/Boi Dirty person
Mampy A fat person
Buddy Penis
Hood Penis
Di gyal have one nice piece ah chest yuh see That girl has nice breasts
Ah Wha Di...? What the...?
To rass Fuck you!
Fassy Faggot, gay
Chi chi Faggot, gay
Maama Man (Rasta/Patois) Faggot, gay
Bowcat Someone who gives head
Bobo (Rasta/Patois) Idiot, fool
Bubu (Rasta/Patois) Fool
Bumbo (Rasta/Patois) Backside, ass
Iidiat Idiot
Cha! (Rasta/Patois) A disdainful expletive expressing vexation
Cho! (Rasta/Patois) A disdainful expletive expressing vexation
Eat unda sheet Performing oral sex
Eaz haad Stubborn, thickskulled (lit. Ears hard)
Yu rass claat haad eaz You are damn stubborn
Hose Penis
Half iidiat A stupid person
Pum Female genitals
Punash Female genitals
Glamity (Rasta/Patois) Female genitals
Punaani Female genitals
A fuckery dat That's fucked up
Daawg Liar, cheat
Pancoot An ugly woman
Gwey Go away
Ginnal Trickster, conman
Sketz A loose woman, a prostitute
Sketel A loose woman, a prostitute
Matey A loose woman, a prostitute
Rhaatid (Rasta/Patois) A mild expletive of surprise: Hell!
Samfai Man (Rasta/Patois) Trickster, conman
Wood (Rasta/Patois) Penis
Mantel Male whore
Tek buggah To be fucked in the ass
Give buggah The act of fucking someone in the ass
Yuh mudda skunt The cunt of your mother
Go suck you modda Go suck your mother
Yuh deh pon skunt You're talking/doing nonsense
A wha you feel like What do you think your doing
You haunted fassy You're feeling crazy
Go one side Leave me alone
Level Behave yourself
No come to me wid dem aagiment deh Don't come to me with that type of story
Pussy`ole A weakling; effeminate
Pum Pum Pussy
Head gone Going insane
Pussy tongue! An expression that means 'vagina'
Bumbo red Curse word
Me naw guh nuh weh I am not going with you
Bullah Faggot, gay
Waiss bwoy Boy with no direction
Waiss gyal Girl with no direction
Rass clot /claat A cloth used as a tampon
Blood clot /claat A tampon
Rass Ass
Gunkona Go fuck yourself
To give bun To cheat on someone
Bang Belly A woman with an overlapping stomach
Nah nuh head Stupid person
Head sick Crazy person
A wah di bloodclaat do yuh? What the fuck is wrong with you?
Skunt Cunt, pussy
Yuh wan man fi dig yuh battyhole You need a man to come and fuck you in the ass


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